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As I planned before I started painting, I ntented to show the bridge, using the light and contrast against the plants on both sides that framed the bridge into a nice composition. The trees on both sides framed up the bridge and lead you visually across to the end of the bridge.

Step-by-step demonstration of how to paint

Step One

Define the composition of the painting using a pencil. After which I planned and determined the areas of highlight which in this case is the bridge that I will retain as highlight.


Step Two

Next I paint in a layer of light colours of cobalt blue, burnt seina and purple for the sky and and reflections in the water.


Step Three

Next I paint in the base colours of the bridge together with the reflections of the bridge in the water. A greyish tint of colours were used in the background houses at the further end of the bridge. Taking care of maintaining areas of highlight for the bridge.


Step Four

Different shades of darker green using of hooker green dark, burnt umber and ultramarine were used for the trees on the right side of the painting. Textures on the trees were created by the crystalization of salt and watercolour reaction.


Step Five

Similar shades of the green were used for the trees on the left side of the painting with the top of the trees in more warm green with the addition of sap green.


Step Six

The details of the bridge were added to the final touches and shadows were lastly applied to give the painting a three-dimensional look.


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