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The river in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia is a river full of life and energy. The water at certain areas of the river were mysteriously quite and calm but yet energetic near the rocks formation at some areas. In this painting, I decided to explore the quietness and yet fast moving water gashing through the rocks that seems to layout in a manner that created an opening or bottle neck effect to the river.

Step-by-step demonstration of how to paint

Step One

Define the composition of the painting using a pencil. I start by painting the sky and follow by the forest at the right side of the painting. Giving this part of the forest a more warmer set of green to show the casting of the sunlight into this area. Darker shades of green were added to define the depth of the thick vegetations.


Step Two

Next I masked out the rocks and some area of highlight in the water before I started out to paint the water.


Step Three

Brushing a layer of clean water to the area on the paper where the water of the river is. I prepare some warm range of green and browns to show the brownish and muddy look. The colours were allow to flow and blend with the layer of water that I have applied on the paper earlier. Tilting the paper to allow the colours to flow in the direction of the gashing water.


Step Four

Bluish-green dashes were applied to the vegetations in the background. Adding more cool range of green colours with blue will separates the background from the foreground. The maskings on the rocks and highlight were then removed and ready for painting of the rocks.


Step Five

The edges of the rocks were soften with a damp brush and tissue paper to remove the harshness of the rocks cause by the masking. This will make the flowing down of the water from the rocks more convincing. Highlights of white area were kept where painting the rocks and darkere shades were applied to anchor the rocks into the water.


Step Six

The painting is completed by adding the adding the shadows and shades of the rocks and finally with the signature of the artist.


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