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NUS Workshop 1
NUS Workshop 2
(Teachers) Nanyang Primary School

NUS Arts Museum Workshop 1
(Two Days Workshop) Oct 2003

Watercolour workshop - Day 1
Watercolour Workshop - Day 2

NUS Arts Museum arranged for two sessions of introduction of watercolour painting. During these two sessions, the participants get to experience using of watercolour as a painting medium. They experience the blending of watercolour, creating of textures using salt, masking with masking fluid and wax. At the second session, they were challenged with a simple seascape painting of mountain, sky and sea. All were surprised at their own achievement at such a short time as they were able to complete the painting with the proper guidance by the artist's demonstration and assistance. I look forward to another such workshop with the NUS Arts Museum again.

Watercolour Painting Workshop - Day 1
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Demonstration by artist, the participants had chance to explore the mixing of watercolour on top of a masked image, application of salt and wax techniques.

Participants attempt on the simple exercises

Watercolour Painting Workshop - Day 1
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