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Workshops with Schools
2002 - 2006

In these few years, our governement has been encouraging the cultivation of "Art" as a nation. These actions have been a big encouragement for practicing artists. It allows us to share with the nation about what we know of as Art.

It is important to start cultivating our young. That is why I went into schools to conduct enrichment progammes in drawing and painting to cultivate our younger generation.

Due to the changes in the Art syllabus in the recent years, emphasizes have been put in the process work by the students. Analyzing and research becomes one important part of the requirements. Apart from the thinking and research process, it is also important for students to have the ability to draw so that they have the ability to convey their ideas into the works.

The objectives of these courses were to build a strong foundation in the students' painting skills. This course will enhanced students' understanding and ability of all basic materials and painting techniques needed in painting with the different medium. Students will learn a variety of exciting techniques such as composition, colour harmony, colour toning, brushstroke, techniques to create atmosphere in the painting.

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