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The passion of Art (drawing and painting) have driven me to share my knowledge and skills to all who are interested in persuing Art as a hobby, because of interest or even as a career. I started painting classes in my studio for adults. Since I am involved in Art Education, I've decided to share with more even the younger generations in the schools. I started planning for one day workshop, or short courses for schools and institutions.

The objectives of these one day workshops or short courses allow students or even adults to have a better understanding of basic drawings and painting skills in either watercolour or acrylic painting.

Since year 2002, I've started working with some secondary schools on a basis of 8 sessions course in either watercolour or acrylic medium. It was wanderful experiences seeing the students grow and improved with my guidance. I have extended my workshops to ITE and even in Singapore Polytechnic.

I was very honour to be invited by NUS Art Museum to conduct watercolour painting workshops with some of the staffs of NUS.

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